Financial Planning

Beginning the Climb

Phase 1 of the planning process is for those individuals who are ready to get serious in their financial journey. This phase is often reserved for those individuals and couples just getting started financially, but can also be for those who may have faced some financial setbacks.

Taking the first step to your planning can often become one of the most stressful stages because you may not know where to turn. But help is available and you can create a blueprint to your financial success. Working with our team can help place you on a path to achieving your financial goals.

Retirement Preparation

Reaching the Summit

In Phase 2, families and individuals are working hard toward their retirement goals. They have an idea of what they would like their retirement years to be and are taking action to achieve those goals. Yet they still have some life expenses that need to be addressed.

We have an expression, "Ultimately every financial decision is a retirement decision." We show families how to mitigate some of the pitfalls that can have dramatic impacts to people in Phase 2, while also helping to achieve their short and mid-term goals. Things such as adequately preparing to pay for college, successfully navigating career transitions, and creating an efficient investment strategy is crucial to these years.

Managing Wealth

Navigating the Decent

Perhaps the most difficult and dangerous part of the journey is Phase 3, or coming back down the financial mountain.  Clients worry about running out of money, suffering investment losses or facing rising medical costs.  Proper wealth management tools can help minimize risk to the wealth you worked so hard to aquire.

Addressing these risks can provide peace of mind and help you enjoy your "Golden Years."  Also, the right plan will ensure you do not out live your retirement assets and help you maximize social security income.  Protecting your estate from long-term care expenses so you can leave an appropriate legacy ensure that you finish your journey with dignity.