Our Process

At Ensign, we focus on strategies that maximize options for our clients.

Step 1

Step 1—Analyze current business needs and relationships in the following       6 areas: - Financial, Insurance, Legal, Tax, Benefits, Technology


Step 2

Step 2—Integrate the professional advice you receive at up to a 25% discount to minimize your risk and maximize your wealth:

  • Financial—Executive Benefits, Wealth Management
  • Insurance—Liability Coverages, Risk Management
  • Legal—Corporate Structure, Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Tax—Business Returns, Accounting and Payroll
  • Benefits—Group Health Insurance, Employer Retirement Plans (401K)
  • Technology—Streamline Technology, Negotiate Contracts


Step 3

Step 3—Assimilate into the Ensign Business Community to grow your business and give back to the local community:

  • Quarterly Client Experience Events for Networking
  • Semi-Annual Business Building Workshops
  • Monthly Peer Study Groups and Business Development Coaching
  • Annual Monte Carlo Night Fundraiser with Silent Auction


Step 4

Step 4 - Continue in a long-term relationship supporting businesses grow while minimizing risk and maximizing wealth!